What could be more cheerful than yellow and turquoise for a wedding? Makes me think of drive in movie theatres, taxi cabs, diner get the picture. A totally retro color palette, and a good reason to put your wedding party in yellow shoes!
{photo credits, from top left: shoes, abby jiu; invitations, anne benjamin; bridesmaids, jason mcgrew. 2nd row: train, lori barbely; plares, picnic; groom, todd pellowe; heels, jose villa.
bottom: centerpiece, hugh forte; bouquet, dana&jeremy; wall, leo dj.}


Sometimes as a wedding blogger, I come across something so perfect it's hard to put into words (a real problem if that's your job).  When I saw Megan and Josh's wedding photos from Oh Darling!, I am going to cheese it up a little but saying I swooned.  I actually swooned.  I almost asked for the smelling salts.  

It should be noted at this time that I am in love with Oh Darling!'s photography.  Comprised of the husband and wife team Dustin and Whitney, these two really know how to capture the life and styles of NYC.  For real, take a peek at their blog and see what I mean.  Here's what they had to say about Megan and Josh's wedding:

This one just owned it – from start to finish. Josh is from Tennessee, Megan from Massachusetts, and they brought their families together in Brooklyn for a small ceremony and reception at the swinging Frankie’s Spuntino in Carroll Gardens. We’ve been really lucky to work with a lot of amazing couples this year and Josh and Megan are so included in those ranks its not even funny. They’re so good to and for each other – and quite honestly they’ve been pretty great to us too (including Josh – who is in real estate – helping us find a new place to live that we really dig). Oh, and folks — if you need a sincerely swanky, authentic jazz-age orchestra for anything in your life - Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra are doing it right. For serious.

The next evening, Josh and Megan celebrated southern-style with an extended group of guests at the Commonwealth Bar in Park Slope..including Memphis-style barbecue and more than a fair share of goood brews. And if all of this didn’t already amount to one of the best weekends we’ve had in Brooklyn so far, Josh topped off the weekend by having the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck stop by the bar for treats..on the house. Awesome families by the way – too much good stuff to write we’ll just leave it at thanks!

I mean honestly, where do you even start?  The dress? Megan's fuchsia Valentino shoes? The flippin' vintage Vespa?  No, Dustin and Whitney were right; the photos speak for themselves.  Enjoy! 



I love me a cheese platter.  I've thrown a party or two in my time, and one thing that is always important to me is a rad cheese platter.  I even have little chalk board picks to label the different varieties.  When I go to a wedding and a well designed cheese platter is busted out (I'm not talking about waxy yellow cheddar and pepper jack squares here), that's when I know the real party has started (in my MOUTH, that is).  

Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg has a pretty incredible selection of artisan cheeses (check out their portfolio) including my fave, Bleu D'Auvergne, the bestest blue cheese on the planet.  The gang created this choice cheese table for a recent posh party in Soho:

Ohmagawd.  This is what Shangri-la looks like.  Yeah, you NEED one of these.  If you're a fellow cheeseball, follow BCS's blog.  Thank you, delicious cheese shop, for three years of veganism down the tubes.  



There are a buzillion dress shops in NYC, from the ultra-haute to those that refabricate vintage pieces.  Most brides are going to fall somewhere in the middle, which means giving up a little of their personal style.  That's where Samuelle comes in; designer Sam Walls Beasly works with clients to customize a gown that reflects their personality and flatters their specific body shape.  

Signature pieces in the collection, as well as individual commissions, incorporate vintage textiles, lace and trims, layers of delicately hand dyed silk tulle, in shades of primrose yellow and vintage rose; bespoke prints designed for the individual bride in metallic oyster and gold foils, hand pleated papery silks, cascading hand beaded silk chiffons and sheers, and semi sculptural brocades and taffettas.

There is such a dreamy, ethereal quality to Samuelle's designs that I adore.  See more inspiring photos of their work here.  Located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.     


Brooklyn Bound

If you are able to look past the sea of Wayfarers, plaid shirts and woollies in July, Brooklyn has been revolutionizing style in New York City lately.  Credit a struggling economy or this generation of twenty-somethings who are looking for more of the comforts of home, the exodus from Manhattan has blessed this outer borough with legions of artists, craftsman and designers.  Great news if you are a couple planning on getting hitched in Brooklyn, too.  

Most of my favorite bloggers reside in Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bride (duh), 100 Layer Cake, Design Sponge (to name a few) and they'll tell you what Spike Lee has been saying for years (y'all should have just listened to the man, but please don't drink his vodka); Brooklyn is DOPE.  Check it out for yourself:

One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill.  Their mini cookies are perfect for a buffet or packaged favors.   I would actually suffer the G train for a little Lucia square right about now.  Also notable; the staff is as warm and friendly as you could hope.  

I feel like a bit of a sycophant when it comes to Saipua.  What Sarah and the gang over there does is pretty much a mirror image of what I'd want to be if I had a retail flower shop.  Her design aesthetic is ridiculously amazing; it has a vintage, natural quality but with a modern flair.  After 15 years in the flower business, this is what still inspires me.

Even though I feel like I have a neon sign over my head saying "Over Thirty" when I go into Williamsburg, it's worth it to take a peek around the Artists & Fleas market.  Whether it's vintage milk glass , old records, or the latest collection from an indie clothing designer, expect to find something you have to bring home with you.

Okay seriously, this place is in Brooklyn?  It kind of makes me almost want to get married.  It's the Old Stone House located in Park Slope.  Replicated after a Dutch farmhouse, this joint was built in 1699 and looks more North Shore Boston than Central Brooklyn.  Their space rental fees seem way reasonable if you ask me.  I received an email from Kim at OSH and she informed me that  rental fees help underwrite their educational and cultural events and fund garden maintenance at the park, so having your bash here is philanthropic too!

So you booked the Old Stone House and need a caterer.  The Jewels of New York is made up of the incredible Diana Yen and Lisel Arroyo, and their menus are as lovely as their website.  The girls are not only talented chefs (Devils on Horseback is a deadly sin it's so good), but their styling is to die for.   

One thing is for certain; Brooklyn is HOT right now, so get in while the getting is good.  Cheers!



I am absolutely obsessed with wedding related stationary; the texture of the papers, typography, and, most of all, letterpress designs.  My latest love is Sesame Letterpress, a studio located in Brooklyn.  

All of Sesame Letterpress's work is custom and done on-site with one of their Victorian-era machines.  Aside from their incredible designs, my favorite thing about Sesame's website is they provide an online catalogue with prices, colors, fonts, etc.  

Here is a selection of some of their recent commisions: