I love me a cheese platter.  I've thrown a party or two in my time, and one thing that is always important to me is a rad cheese platter.  I even have little chalk board picks to label the different varieties.  When I go to a wedding and a well designed cheese platter is busted out (I'm not talking about waxy yellow cheddar and pepper jack squares here), that's when I know the real party has started (in my MOUTH, that is).  

Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg has a pretty incredible selection of artisan cheeses (check out their portfolio) including my fave, Bleu D'Auvergne, the bestest blue cheese on the planet.  The gang created this choice cheese table for a recent posh party in Soho:

Ohmagawd.  This is what Shangri-la looks like.  Yeah, you NEED one of these.  If you're a fellow cheeseball, follow BCS's blog.  Thank you, delicious cheese shop, for three years of veganism down the tubes.  

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